I Have No Money

I Have No Money to Pay My Credit Card! Here Are 5 Ways to Make Money Today

Many of us have been there, and many of us will be there again. You have all the best intentions to pay off your credit cards, but once you stack your bills and income together, you say to yourself, I have no money. How am I going to do this?

This may feel like an impossible situation, but there are solutions in today’s word.

Thankfully, with the digitation of the financial world, you can make money today by logging on to your computer and punching a few keys. Whether you’re selling unnecessary items, canceling subscriptions or finding a side hustle, the internet is a powerful way to make money today and pay off those credit cards.

Here are some tips when the I have no money bug bites you.

Sell Your Items Online

We all have crap laying around the house that we never touch. And we keep saying “Well, I may need this one day.” When you need to make money now to pay that credit card bill, this is when you need that item the most – you need to sell it to get the money you need.

Don’t waste your time setting up a garage sale to sell that old stuff either. While a garage sale can be great, they are time-consuming and very geographically limited unless it is a community garage sale that draws a lot of traffic.

Instead, throw that unnecessary item online and watch it get snatched up in a second. I recommend a handful of apps that allow you to list items, communicate with buyers and sell your item straight from your smartphone, and those are OfferUp, 5Miles, Let Go, Facebook Marketplace and the tried-and-true eBay.

Round up all those items you’ve refused to sell over the years but haven’t touched in ages and list them. Watch as people who will actually use these items help you fix your I have no money issues and declutter your house.

Sell Plasma

I know… needles. Eek. But, this is a great way to make a few extra bucks in a hurry. And you get cookies afterward!

Not only are you helping someone who desperately needs plasma, but you can earn $400 or more every month just sitting in a chair. Of course, you’ll have to go through light medical screening to qualify, as they have to make sure you don’t have any infections and are otherwise in good health. But once that’s done, you are on your way to reversing that I have no money feeling.

Check online for a list of plasma donation centers near you and make your I have no money issues a thing of the past.

A Man’s Dream Job

If you’re squeamish about needles and plasma isn’t your bag, plus you happen to be a male who meets all the insanely tight criteria for it – 5’10”, normal build, desirable hair color, post-secondary degree, etc. – you can go the more entertaining route of financial assistance by selling your sperm.

Those who meet the tall, dark and handsome requirements can flog their way to a cool $1,000 a month. Who said masturbation doesn’t pay? Oh… no one? Guess that was just in my head.

Either way, this is a more enjoyable donation option for those with the equipment to get the job done.

Get a Side Hustle

Side hustling is a relatively new phenomenon that stems from the second jobs of yesteryear. Before the internet blew up, making extra money meant going out and applying for a second job. You then had to align your schedules, drive between jobs and never be home just to make ends meet. Well, this is no longer the case.

The internet has revolutionized the second-job realm with the online side hustling. These range from writing articles online to building IKEA furniture or doing other odd jobs through TaskRabbit. Sure, you still have to schedule these side hustles, but unlike the second job of yesteryear, these jobs rarely have set schedules, so you can do them whenever you’d like.

Here are a few side hustles that can make you quick money:

  • Uber – Delivering people and food
  • Lyft – Taxiing people
  • TaskRabbit – Odd jobs (some are seriously odd)
  • Shipt – Grocery delivery

Debt Consolidation Loan

Just because you have no money doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a loan to pay off those high-interest credit cards. Many debt consolidation lenders understand people get into bad situations and offer loans for people with bad credit or just flawed credit.

You can try applying for these consolidation loans on sites like Payoff or BadCreditLoans.com. Before doing that, though, check your credit to make sure there are no glaring red flags that’ll result in you being turned down, like an active collections account or bankruptcy.

These debt consolidation loans can help you get your credit card debt paid off and rolled into one lower monthly payment that’s easier to manage. They can also boost your credit score, as a fixed-term loan like this always scores more favorably than a revolving balance on a credit card.